Solavei Compensation Plan

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There are 4 ways to get paid:

1. Fast Action Bonus

As soon as you join Solavei, you earn a Fast Action Bonus (FAB) for Trios you directly enroll in your first 60 days. The FAB will help build your Trios, providing a solid foundation to your Trio Pay.

1 trio $50
2 trio +$100
3 trio +$200
4 trio +$300


2. Trio Pay

For every Trio in your personal network, you earn $20/month, paid at the end of the service period (30 days after initial service activation or monthly service renewal), for as long as your connections use the Solavei mobile service.


Solavei Trio Pay

3. Path Pay

As your entire network (personal and extended) continues to grow, you advance in rank on the achievement path based on Trios paid for the month. Each band has three ranks. Advancing in rank earns you an increasing monthly Path Pay.

4. One-Time Path Bonus

As you progress from one band to another, you will receive a One-Time Path Bonus payable at the same time as the monthly Path Pay.

40% Rule: Beyond Social Partner, no more than 40% of the total Trios required to advance to a given rank can come from any single individualís network.

How to get your Solavei Pay Card - Click Here

Check out the Compensation Plan at and the Compensation Disclosure Statement at All representations by Solavei regarding earnings potential are for illustrative purposes only and cannot be relied upon in any way as a guarantee or reliable indication of your likely or potential earnings. Your ability to generate revenue is entirely based on your own skills, abilities, and efforts.