Homemade Mineral Water Recipe

Learn how to make fresh life-giving mineral water with over 80 energy producing minerals. This formula is easy on the pocket book, easy to make and never spoils. Stop wasting money on expensive minerals drinks when you can reap the same healthy benefits at home within 24 hours with this simple recipe.

Why Are Minerals so Important?

Minerals are basically the spark plugs of life, or the blueprint for perfect health. Minerals are the catalysts that keep our ‘battery‘ going and hold it’s ‘charge.’ Minerals compose about 4% of the human body. We cannot produce minerals within our bodies, so we must obtain them through our food. They ultimately come from the earth. Good soil is 45% minerals, yet our soils today are quite lacking due to synthetic fertilizers, mono-cropping and more. In the US our soils contain 86% less minerals than they did 100 years ago (based on a study done in 1992). Minerals are what remain as ash when plant or animal tissues are burned.

There are 103 known minerals, at the least 60 of these are necessary for good health along with 40 other nutrients like vitamins and essential fatty acids. But minerals are the least of the nutrients we receive in our daily diet. Mineral imbalance is epidemic. Osteoporosis is on the rise in our nation, 30 million people in the US over 50 are susceptible to fractures caused by mineral deficiencies in their bones. Over 1/3 of the women in America will have osteoporosis in their lifetime. Osteoporosis isn’t even diagnosed until you’ve lost 30% of your bone mass. Nearly 100% of Americans have some type of joint degeneration by the time they are 40 years old. Zinc deficiency is very common, evidenced by such health issues as; prostate cancer, breast cancer, hormonal imbalances, hydrochloric acid deficiency, (the body’s primary digestant and disinfectant) and skin cancer.

Magnesium is a key element to keeping the cells metabolizing, involved in at least 300 functions in the body. It is particularly sensitive to stress, and can easily be lost. Most everyone is deficient in magnesium, along will all of the main minerals of the body. It can take several years to re-mineralize the body. It can take 12 months to replace one mineral such as iron, so to replace more can take awhile. So why not get on the road to optimal health by drinking a bottle of fresh mineral water each day!

Inside you will learn why minerals are very crucial to your health and how they fight disease. Here is just a few of the benefits derived from drinking the mineral water formula each day:

Corrects electrolyte imbalance

Increases energy

Regulates water content both inside and outside of the cells

Balances pH (alkaline/acidity) and help to reduce acid reflux

Prevents muscle cramping

Aids in restoring proper metabolism

Increases bone strength

Lowers blood pressure naturally

Helps the intestines to absorb more nutrients

Improves circulation

Strengthens veins

Relaxes the nerves

Reduces the signs of aging

Promotes healthy libido (sex drive)

Cleanses the colon (special recipe included)

Removes heavy metals

Virtually tasteless and much more!



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