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New members will be invited directly by their referring members.

Members can expect to complete 3 key steps to sign up for Solavei Membership and activate their Solavei Mobile Service:

·    Sign up and order phone and SIM card or SIM card only

·    Sign into Solavei Community using the username and password selected in the Sign Up process and complete the enrollment process to become a social member with the opportunity to enroll new members and earn income for these efforts. Social membership is free once you order your service. You can join from your dashboard.

·    When the phone and SIM card or SIM card only is shipped you will receive an activation email. Upon receiving the phone and SIM card or SIM card only use the link in the activation email to activate your phone.

o   Members will have the ability to port their mobile number to Solavei in the Activation link. Members should be prepared with:

§  Mobile number

§  Account number from current carrier

§  Name on the account with current carrier

§  Password on the account with current carrier

§  Assuming all information is entered correctly, a ported number will be activated within 24 hours.


When signing up for Solavei Membership and Mobile Service a new member should be prepared with the information needed to complete sign up:


Solavei Now Offers SIM Packs To Enroll New Members In Minutes

The latest innovation from Solavei is the ability to purchase official Solavei SIM packs. Social Members can use a SIM card inside the pack to activate a new member immediately (if the new member already owns a compatible phone). This has the great benefit of being able to get moving forward immediately with adding new members to the network, explaining the Solavei network and taking them through the enrolment process. If a couple would like to join the Solavei network together, they can both be set up at the same time, with a SIM card each, in just minutes.

A SIM card pack may be ordered once you have signed up for a Solavei Social Member account at Using a Solavei Social Member account, Social Members can order up to 60 SIM cards per week. New SIM card packs can remove the 3-5 day wait for a SIM card to arrive in the mail, allow fast sign up to the Solavei network and to troubleshoot any issues. Rare issues arising a phone compatibility problem or a faulty SIM card can be handled immediately, rather than needing to post out a new SIM card and wait several days for it to arrive which could stall the enrolment process.

SIM cards presently are offered as either standard SIMs or micro SIMs. The new nano SIM card which is presently only used in the iPhone 5 is not currently supported. A 10-pack of either standard SIMs or micro SIMs costs just $20, with the 20-pack costing $40. It should be noted that resale of SIM cards is not permitted.

Shipping and handling is charged at $5 for 3-5 Day USPS Priority Shipping. The cost of shipping is per order, not per SIM card pack, so you can save money by ordering multiple SIM card packs at the same time. Solavei SIM packs can also be shipped to PO Boxes. Both an order confirmation and shipping confirmation with tracking number are sent out with SIM pack orders.

Each SIM pack contains the SIM cards (standard size or micro size), step by step instructions for activating each SIM card for a new member and a frequently asked questions (FAQ).

New members must pay $29 for a SIM card when they enroll. This can only be activated once and cannot be transferred, sold or reused in any way. This is sure to help you build your Solavei network to the fullest.

Enrollment Details


•    Solavei Members with mobile service must be 14 years of age or older. Teenagers between the age of 14 and 17 will need to have a parent or another adult co-sign for them in order to complete the activation process.

•    Social Members earning compensation must be 18 years of age with a valid Social Security Number (SSN)

•    No credit check is required

•    Enter primary use ZIP Code for a Mobile Service Coverage Review

•    A new member must have coverage at the place of primary use to activate mobile service.


•    Members can chose to purchase a phone directly from Solavei OR

•    For $29 only Members can purchase a Solavei SIM and bring their own phone if the phone meets eligibility requirements.

•    For more information on the option to bring a phone see BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone)

Unlimited Mobile Service Plan

•   $49 Monthly Unlimited Voice, Text and Data

Personal Information

•    The Username selected will be used as your log in and display name in the Solavei Community and Online Member Support site.

•    Email entered will be used for notifications regarding Solavei Membership

•    Select a Password

Shipping & Billing Information

•   The shipping address used must match the address of the credit card used to complete the order

•   P.O Boxes are not accepted as shipping addresses

Purchase Requirements

•   Must use a credit or debit card to complete sign up

•   Payment for the following must be made at this time:

·         $49 plus standard taxes and fees for the first month of Solavei Mobile Service

·         $49 Member Enrollment Fee

·         Price of the phone selected or SIM card only

Select Sponsor


•    Upon signing into the Solavei Community you will be prompt to select or confirm your Sponsor. 

The total cost to join is $49, for first month plus $29 for your SIM card for a total of $78. Your monthly bill will run around $53.00 with taxes. $58.00 if you live in Texas. 

I look at it this way, if people are willing to see the vision, they will not let anything stop them. If they are serious they will have passion and that along with determination is all you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

 What if I am still under a contract on my mobile phone?

Members are responsible for resolving any outstanding balance with their previous mobile provider. There are several options for resolution:

1.    Pay the ETF (Early Termination Fee) with your previous provider, most mobile providers now offer a tiered ETF structure where your ETF amount reduces as you get closer to contract end date. By attracting new Solavei members into your network in the first 60 days you can earn up to $650 in cash bonuses that you could use to pay for your ETF amount.

2.    Keep your previous provider and reduce or downgrade your monthly service plan to the lowest plan offered, use as an emergency only phone or keep secured until your contract is over. 


Did you know you could earn a Fast Action Bonus (FAB) of up to $650 for Trios you directly enroll in your first 60 days? Don’t wait until it’s too late! Start sharing today to earn your FAB—you can earn $50 by enrolling only three new members.

A great way to start is with the Are You Ready For Free? promotion—the new members you enroll get their first month of service free, and if you enroll 3 new members, you get your next month of service free in addition to your FAB.





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