"Turn Your Cell Phone Into An ATM"


Hello, My name is Belinda and I Work Online With People All Over The Country...Now you can have extra money in the bank with your very own cell phone business. Solavei provides Unlimited 4G Talk, Text & Web or $49 with No Contract. Consumers now have the power to transform an essential monthly payment into real income!

Up until about a year ago, my husband and I were paying $160 each for our AT&T $99 plan. But all the extras like data, surfing and text turned it into the $160 plan. Then a friend of ours introduced us to Solavei. They use a GSM network like AT&T so I was able to keep my iPhone and my same number. Luckily my contract was up but my husband opted to pay the early termination fee.

It was well worth it because Solavei pays you back when you enroll family and friends.  We just wanted to save money and the business was just an extra added bonus. There is no limit to how many people you can enroll and today our plan is totally free. That's right, one less bill to pay and it's a breath of fresh air, a mobile plan that is made for main street and not just another corporation that gouge you each month with itemized service charges. 

If you are interested, we are looking to expand our group in your area and would like to hear from you. If you are looking to be your own boss you will do well with this company because it was engineered exclusively for entrepreneurs. For more information please fill in the form on the next page for a no obligation tour of the entire system and more of our video presentations. You will be truly amazed at the quality and expense that has been put into this company! Call me if you have any questions, my contact info is listed on the next page.

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