• Bring Your Own Phone

    Why buy a new phone if you have one that works just fine? Most unlocked GSM phones can receive Solavei Cell Phone Service, and yours might be one of them, any GSM smart phone will do. All you need is a Solavei SIM card. Just check to see if your phone is compatible, complete the sign-up process, and receive your SIM card in the mail. You can also keep your same phone number!

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  • Buy One Of Ours

    As a customer you have a choice of several models of android cell phone: The HTC and the ZTE ranging in price from $159 to $500. The android-based HTC phones give superior sound quality, better camera features, and much better speed with the 4G network. If you cannot afford to purchase one of Solavei's phones, most used phones that uses a GSM sim card will do. 

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  • Cell Phone Business Opportunity

    The Solavei home business opportunity is the first cell phone mlm company online. Don't want to do the biz? You can still enjoy the benefits of a cheap cell phone plan! Solavei utilizes T-Mobile for their primary network service provider, as they transform their network, introducing 4G (HSPA+) service, you will experience a significant speed boost for text, talk and surf.

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