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How to Generate Traffic To Your Website Using Safelists

I like to choose marketing programs that also generate residual income. I have had great success advertising with safelists, and you can do the same thing.  A safelist is a membership website where you can send emails to other members. You also agree to receive emails from other members. The really good safelists require members to confirm their email addresses, which means you can be sure your emails are being delivered. Safelists are great because you could immediately start contacting a list of thousands of double opt-in members in minutes! It’s almost like having instant access to a big mailing list. So it’s easy to see why they can produce fantastic results once you learn how to use them correctly. You do not have to have your own list, use your personal email account, or worry about being accused of spam.

NOTE: When you join a safelist, you will need to give them two email addresses in order to join. You can use your main email address as your Contact email, as long as you don’t mind getting an occasional Solo Ad sent to you. But, you must NEVER use your main email account as your List email address. Go to www.mail.google.com better known as Gmail and create a new gmail email address for the mailing lists. I like to use several gmail accounts for my safelist because you can organize them with different folders or labels, labels allow you to send different emails to certain folders. When I am looking for programs to promote I browse my safelist emails or go to the site to surf programs.
Many of the Safelists below have recently begun offering Solo Ads to their members, as well as non-members. What this means is that you can now send out your emails to the Contact Email Addresses of the members, instead of the List Email Addresses. This is EXTREMELY Powerful and Effective! 

Do not pass up the paying safelists, the free ones are great if you are starting with a low budget but remember you get what you pay for and the safelists that you have to pay to join will bring better results. Safelists are the most economical way to advertise if you are on a limited budget but you must set aside some money for your advertising to be the most effective.

By the time you setup your website, you may realize a big problem. No one is visiting your website! One of the biggest problems with making money online is trying to generate good website traffic. Getting traffic is a constant struggle for many Internet marketers because you always have to be good at something! Most of the traffic tricks that a lot of people recommend like keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO), article marketing, link building, Blogging, etc all require you to have certain skills. I don’t know about you, but when I started Internet marketing, I didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on advertising. And I was not good at things like programming, website design, writing, niche research, and whatever else is out there. I did teach myself these things over time and with a lot of trial and error. But if you are not good at these types of skills, which aren’t realistic for the average person, then you need something easy that gets results.

If you do not have a warm market and your friends no longer listen to you, if you do not know how to advertise then safelists are the way to go.  You just have to be willing to work at it until it becomes a second nature, and learn how to copy and paste. Even some of the biggest gurus on the Internet started with these methods and many still use them today because this is where all of the people with the same mindset congregate and you already know they are people who will advertise if you sign them up. Now not all people will do what they are supposed to, what you are working with is the law of large numbers that says the more people you expose your ad to, there is an average number of sign-ups that you will receive. Most safelists offer solo ads, solo ads are mail-outs that contain Only Your Message and are published to the entire Opt-in list. This gives you Exclusive coverage as it goes to the members personal email address as opposed to their list address.

 Three Things You Must Do For Safelist Marketing To Work For You

 In this article we will answer the question what is safelist marketing and look at 3 things you must do for it to work for you. The basic premise behind safelists is that you agree to receive email messages from advertisers and in return you get to send email messages to them. Right away one thing comes to mind for me. 

I Do Not Like To Read a lot of Email from marketers. 


Email is one of the biggest waste of my time every day. So for me to do safelist marketing right away I am going to have to get rid of that notion and actually start to embrace email. You may feel the same way. So here is how we will get around that.


  1. Set up two separate email accounts with GMail for all Safelist email. Use one email for your contact email and the other for your list email. This will keep it separate from your regular email. You do that with Google mail and it is very easy to set up an account with them. Because of spam filter issues you are better off not to use Hotmail or Yahoo for your safelist email marketing account. Also remember to add your new email address to your AlertPay or PayPal accounts, some safelists pay you for referring others. Even with Gmail make sure you check your spam folder when verifying your email addresses for the list. Most lists will give you the option to resend the verification email. To get your affiliate link it you want to promote your safelist to your downline, just clcik on affiliate link after ypu login to the list.


  1. When joining safelists you will be better off to avoid the ones that have a membership comprised of auto submitter users. You want real people submitting ads to you and you want real people viewing your ads. 


  1. Take the time to skim your emails. Just deleting all of them can hurt you more than help you. First of all in fairness how will your ads get read if they are mass deleted. Secondly you can really improve your marketing efforts by watching for catchy ads that you could use for your own emails. Not copy directly, but to rewrite for your specific point.


These are the 3 things you must do for safelists marketing to work for you. This takes some effort on your part. If done with consistency over a period of time can work to increase the the amount of people who read your emails.   



Free URL Shortner with Tracking: ZapiT will shorten your link and customize it if you want to. They use your IP address to identify you and do not provide a login. You can always access your links and stats as long as you do not change your IP address. I save all of my links in notepad. Just bookmark the site and click on their link to access your links, click on Your Links at the top. If your IP address does change here is how to access your stats. 

There are a couple different ways to deal with this.

One, add a + to the end of your zapped link.
http://zapit.nu/sample would become http://zapit.nu/sample+

By adding a plus to the end, you will be taken directly to the stats page for that link, no matter what your IP address is.

Another way is to zap the same link you already zapped. Yes you will get another zapped link, but, you will be able to connect any other zapped link that points to the same long URL. Be sure to copy and paste your zapped link to a safe place on your computer or email them to yourself.

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